Courage is contagious. I see evidence of this concept from Brené Brown’s research in the lives of my clients, colleagues, and in our world at large on a regular basis. When ordinary people like you and I do brave things, whether they are witnessed by many or occur in smaller moments with the people we are closest to, we make the world a better, braver place.

In the Fall of 2019, I had the great pleasure of being given an opportunity by two courageous women to walk the talk, embrace vulnerability, and live brave in a more public way.

I was invited to be a podcast guest!

Karen, Susannah, and Gillian in the recording studio. surrounded by a wall of guitars, a bass, and laptops on music stands

Karen, Susannah, and Gillian in the recording studio.

On Small Conversations for a Better World, North Vancouver based practitioners, Susannah Steers, pilates instructor and movement specialist, and Gillian McCormick, physiotherapist, ask their guests “What is health?” Their episodes cover a wide array of perspectives on the health of our bodies, minds, communities, and environments.

During our small conversation, we dove into some big questions. “What does an occupational therapist do?”, “What are invisible health conditions?” and “How does Brené Brown’s research apply to both?” We touched upon the “shame categories” that emerged in Brené Brown’s research (including mental and physical health), common health related shame triggers, and why cultivating shame resilience is important for our well-being. We also discussed ways that we “armour up”, both emotionally and physically, to protect ourselves from vulnerability.

This was the first season of Small Conversations, and the courage of the co-hosts was undeniably contagious! They gathered an impressive line-up of guests to answer thought provoking questions that listeners can relate to.

Click on your favourite podcast platform below to listen to Episode #3, Occupational Therapy and Invisible Health Conditions.

We hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did and find something new to ponder that bolsters your health and maybe even your courage. Definitely check out some of the other interviews from Season One while you are there! There is something for everyone to benefit from.

You can find Small Conversations for a Better World on iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, IHeart Radio and more of your favourite podcast platforms. Co-hosted by Susannah Steers and Gillian McCormick.