You are unsatisfied with your ability to do the things you love to do or want to do. Your health has affected your confidence in yourself.

You are struggling with well-being and want to make use of all the options available to you.

You are self-aware and have done your own exploration, yet it hasn’t led to the results you had hoped for. You are still feeling stuck.

You want an action plan and solutions that are a fit for your unique life.

An invisible health condition can leave you feeling like your situation is holding you back from living your life. You look healthy on the outside but are struggling on the inside. You are tired of juggling the demands of a busy life and a health condition.


Your world has become smaller and you are hiding your story because it is too difficult to keep explaining it to people who don’t understand.

“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we will ever do.” ~ Brené Brown

You might have an auto-immune or digestive condition, chronic pain, mild depression or other condition that is causing symptoms that are making life difficult: fatigue, pain, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, poor sleep, or feeling a constant undercurrent of stress. You are worried that you have exhausted all the options to help you to live life as fully as possible.

That’s where I come in.

As an Occupational Therapist, I work with people who are having difficulty doing activities that give their daily life meaning. Knowing what gets in the way of doing these activities is key.

When we are frustrated, overwhelmed, or struggling, adapting what we have control over can change our experience. A modification to our environment, the way we approach a task, or to the strategies we use to cope, and often a blend of all three, can allow us to do things we didn’t think were possible.

You may benefit from working with me if you want to develop strategies to:

  • Make the most of your time and energy (physical and cognitive)
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, fatigue, and/or pain
  • Have a calmer mind and body
  • Put habits into practice to keep your brain as healthy as possible
  • Improve attention, concentration, memory, organizing, or planning ability
  • Build or foster social connections and reduce isolation
  • Communicate more effectively with others about what you need
  • Cultivate practices for living a wholehearted life

What lights you up?

What would you like to do more of?

What would “thriving” look like for you?

You are the expert on your life.

Together we will come up with manageable practices you can do during your day so you can move forward and live with more ease and well-being.

Wondering if I might be able to help you move forward in your life?

Contact me to set up a free 15 min phone consultation.

Karen Gilbert Occupational Therapy and Consulting
Vancouver BC, Canada



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