Today marks the launch of of a new space on my website for sharing news, resources and insights to help you live well with an invisible health condition. I am excited to kick it off with the words and wisdom of some inspiring occupational therapy colleagues.

“The Art and Science of Everyday Living” is an interview series with innovative occupational therapists.  You will get an insider view into who they are, their clinical knowledge, and resources they often recommend to their clients.

We are going to shine a spotlight on OT and how you can benefit.

If you have an invisible health condition that is leading to fatigue, pain, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, poor sleep or other symptoms,  I hope you find pieces of your own story reflected in the words of these innovative therapists.  You may even find a tip or two to help you live your life with more ease, joy and meaning and foster a renewed sense of hope.

As always, please speak with your own health care provider for individualized advice before applying any new strategy.  If you need further support and the OT profiled lives in your area, feel free to reach out for more information.

We are glad you are here!  Lots of great OT insights, information and resources to come. Click here for a listing of all of the articles!