How do you want to show up, be seen and live brave in your life?

Whether you are struggling to keep up with healthy habits or living with an ongoing health condition, come join us this summer to explore how Brené Brown’s research can help you tap into more joy and meaning.

Discover the power of getting curious about the stories we tell ourselves and how embracing vulnerability can be transformative in our lives.

Stepping Into the Arena

July 24, 2018

Living with a health condition can feel like your story is out of your hands. Learn how becoming aware of the messages that surround you can help you embrace vulnerability, step away from powerlessness, and own your story of resilience.

In The Daring Way™, Brené uses the metaphor of a roman arena to talk about vulnerability and the messages and expectations that can either generate fear or support your efforts to be brave. What is an arena? It can be any situation where you need to show up and be brave…a meeting at work, a hard conversation, a doctor’s appointment, sharing your hopes about something you are excited about, attending a social event.

An arena moment doesn’t have to be a big heroic, gladiator moment. Often arena moments are smaller and quieter but hold deep meaning for you.

In this session we will explore how to :

  • Use the metaphor of the arena to examine the experiences of vulnerability and scarcity
  • Recognize what gets in the way of your willingness to be vulnerable and be brave in your life
  • Apply practical strategies to step away from the isolation of shame and comparison and build resilience

We will discuss the seats in the arena – the ones that bolster your courage and make you feel supported, and the painful ones that can lead you to feel small and unworthy (like the critics and the cheap seats).

Being able to identify the messages that surround you in your daily life helps you get clear on the truth about your experience, tap into your own inner strength and cultivate more resilience.

Finding Your Way Back to Self-Trust

August 21, 2018

How do you build back up trust in yourself when an ongoing health condition has altered your usual ways of being? Trust in yourself can be one of the biggest casualties of a difficult experience – physically, emotionally, and/or cognitively.

Brené Brown’s research has helped us understand the elements of trust and how you can apply them to yourself. From the latest research to practical tips, we will unpack the anatomy of self-trust so you can be more in-tune with your inner knowing and more self-assured day to day.

In this session we will explore what Brené’s research showed about self-trust and how to:

  • Get clear about the factors involved in building trust with others
  • Examine which of these factors may be an issue in trusting yourself
  • Apply practical strategies to foster building self-trust in your day-to-day life

The person we need to trust the most is ourselves. When you get clear about what parts of trust need more attention in your life, you can better honor who you are, acknowledge what you need, and show up more fully in your life.

“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we will ever do.” ~ Brené Brown

This group may be for you if:

  • You have an ongoing health condition and want support to build emotional resilience
  • You have limited sitting or sensory tolerance for weekend or day long workshops
  • You are familiar with Brené Brown’s research and are excited to have the chance to experience it
  • You have never heard of Brené Brown, but the description of this course is calling out to you

This is not a good time to enrol in this group if:

  • You are not able to tolerate a 2.5-hour session
  • You have not received medical consultation for your health condition(s)

Anyone who attends a Daring Way™ group is encouraged to practice self-care. You are welcome to bring whatever you need to be comfortable during the session, such as yoga mats or extra cushions.

If you are curious about this work, these 2.5 hour sessions are a great chance to try it out, particularly for anyone who has difficulty tolerating longer workshops or finds comfort in being surrounded by others who understand the experience of living with a health condition.

Program Details

What:  Each group session is two and a half hours. Registration also includes a pre-group intake phone call (~ 20 min) so you can ask questions and ensure the sessions are a fit for you. The July session includes a Daring Way™ workbook, and the August session includes worksheets and exercises from the Rising Strong™ curriculum. Both sessions include permission to be yourself (and snacks – please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions!)

When: Tuesday 6:30-9:00pm,

Stepping Into the Arena: July 24, 2018

Finding Your Way Back to Self-Trust: August 21, 2018

Where: Oak and Broadway, The Centre for Creative Counselling, Vancouver BC

Pricing: $80 for one session or $140 for two sessions (Note: participate in either session for an additional $10 discount on the Rising Strong™ for Health weekend in September)

Class size limited. Register now to reserve your spot! Final registration deadline 2 weeks before session start date. If it is after the deadline and there is still space availalbe, if we can find a time for an intake phone call before the session you are welcome to attend. Email for details.

Your Facilitators

Karen Gilbert, OT CDWF

Karen Gilbert OT, CDWF

Karen is an Occupational Therapist and Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator who specializes in working with individuals who are managing a busy life and an ongoing health condition. Her aim is to help you to develop a practical “toolkit” of strategies that allow you to experience more meaning in your life despite health challenges. Through the Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™ curriculums, she supports group participants to build resilience and practice courage and wholeheartedness. She has been an occupational therapist for twenty-three years with a focus on outpatient care. Karen is passionate about the interplay between our physical, emotional, and social well-being and empowering people with invisible health conditions to maintain a sense of worth and identity during vulnerable times.

Putting Your Story Back In Your Hands™

“I work collaboratively with people to come up with practical solutions that allow you to engage more fully in your life. My role is to support you to develop new knowledge and skills, and to apply and integrate them into the day-to-day in order to achieve your goals. Knowing what gets in the way of doing the things that are meaningful to you is key. I believe that each of us is ultimately the expert on our own body and life, and that our worth is not defined by our physical or cognitive ability. Connection with others, empathy, and the therapeutic relationship can be powerfully healing experiences. It is always a privilege and an honour to hear someone’s story.” ~ Karen Gilbert

Crystal Johnson MSc, MCP, RSLP, RCC

Crystal Johnson MSc, MCP, RSLP, RCC

Crystal is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and a Speech Language Pathologist in Vancouver with over 10 years of health care experience. She has worked in various public health services and she is a type 1 diabetic herself. As such, she recognizes the hidden toll of health management from both a provider and a consumer perspective. There are often unrecognized emotional effects including anxiety, depression, anger, grief and adjustment difficulties. Contending with health challenges can make a person feel helpless and disempowered; it can seem almost impossible to feel hopeful for the future and to “think positive”. These undesirable feelings then permeate other life circumstances and relationships.

In her counselling work, Crystal works with clients to gently acknowledge the pain of the situation and to process the difficult experiences. Clients gain skills to recognize the losses they are experiencing and they learn to harness their own strengths to move forward in their journey. While the distress may not abate completely, clients make peace with their experiences, build confidence in their ability to cope effectively and even begin to thrive in the midst of the storm. Crystal brings this open and hopeful attitude to her group work where she believes strongly in the power of shared experiences and learning. She looks forward to walking beside you in your journey as you begin to find your voice and share your beautiful story.

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