You are overwhelmed and less efficient at work.

You are becoming concerned that your performance may be slipping.

The way you’ve always done things is not working as well any more and you’re not sure how to improve your approach.

You want to minimize the impact of age-related changes on your life and work.

Normal changes of aging or new health conditions can impact how we function. This can be humbling and lead to concern about keeping up with colleagues or making costly mistakes. You want to be proactive about your health and strive for well-being throughout your working years. You can’t stop the fact that you are aging, but you can adjust your coping strategies to enhance your overall performance, feel less overwhelmed and more in control.

“To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.” ~ Henri Bergson

As an occupational therapist, I support people to minimize declines in performance resulting from age-related physical, cognitive, or sensory changes.

When you are frustrated, overwhelmed, or struggling, you can adapt what you have control over. A modification to the environment, the way you approach a task, or the strategies you use to cope, and often a blend of all three, can improve your functioning. You may need to pace yourself in a different way than you have in the past or develop new methods to manage the amount of information you are juggling.

You may benefit from working with me if you want to develop strategies to:

  • Make the most of your time and energy (physical and cognitive)
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, fatigue, and/or pain
  • Have a calmer mind and body
  • Put habits into practice to help keep your brain as healthy as possible
  • Improve attention, concentration, memory, organizing, or planning ability
  • Build or foster social connections and reduce isolation
  • Communicate more effectively with others about changes in health and what you need
  • Cultivate practices for living a wholehearted life
  • Build skills for caregiving for a loved one

How do you spend your time?
What systems have you already got in place?
What are the elements that allow you to be at your best?

By looking at your situation holistically, we utilize your strengths as you develop a broad “toolkit” of skills and habits to optimize your function so you can make the most of life.

If you would like to discuss your situation to determine what might be possible, contact me to set up a free 15 min phone consultation.

Karen Gilbert Occupational Therapy and Consulting
Vancouver BC, Canada



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